VIDEO: Local Investing (Presentation to Chamber of Commerce, 11/14/11)

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VIDEO: Local Investing (Presentation to Chamber of Commerce, 11/14/11)

This video excerpt focuses on successes in local investing, including those initiated by the Local Investing Opportunities Network (LION), the Quilcene Conversation, and our community banks. Specific projects cited are Mt. Townsend Creamery, Finnriver Farm, Quilcene’s Village Store, and the forthcoming Quimper Mercantile.

This first clip is just 7 minutes long — for a variety of reasons, one being that only my dear parents are likely to listen to all 40 minutes of my talk last Monday to the local Chamber of Commerce (see recent post).

So I’m slicing and dicing my presentation into manageable chunks, and video excerpts on other talk topics will be posted here in the weeks to come.

>>>Many thanks to friend and colleague Jessica Plumb of Plumb Productions for taping the entire presentation for archival purposes and performing the technical wizardry to compress her HD footage into a form I could upload into a free video-sharing account for your viewing pleasure.



DESCRIPTION: Independent sustainability reporter Shelly Randall gives an overview of the diverse sustainability initiatives in Jefferson County that are drawing regional and national attention.

This excerpt from her presentation to the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 14, 2001, highlights successes in LOCAL INVESTING.

The book she refers to is Locavesting: A Revolution in Local Investing by Amy Cortese. (For more, see Cortese’s recent guest post, “Community Capital,” for American Public Media’s Marketplace blog.)

Learn more about Jefferson County’s LION investing network at


P.S. One factoid I didn’t mention is that Small Business Saturday, coming up Nov. 26 and promoted nationally, was test-driven here in Port Townsend last year. Ours was one of three Main Street communities in the nation chosen to roll it out in 2010. The promotion is a partnership between the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Center and American Express.

Click here for more video clips from the Chamber presentation.